Embrace joy every day with these 5 happiness habits!

Embrace joy every day with these 5 happiness habits!

via the Huffington Post by PJ Vincent 

Why design yourself? Maybe you don’t need to, but there may be some of us who feel we’ve evolved from one season to the next and we’re clueless as to where we want to go. Maybe we know where we want to go but don’t know how to get there. Together, let’s build a plan that will help us grow as women, as business owners, moms, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. Let’s start with being happy.

Live in the Moment!

In this world where we move at Mach 2 with our hair on fire, we typically don’t live in the moment. I can go for a walk to relax, but spend my time creating a mental “to do” list. My husband used to say to me two hours before work, “Yup! She’s got her work face on!” I had no idea, I was already in work mode and missing the fact that I had a handsome naked guy standing in the shower with me. I have to embrace this concept daily because I’m so used to multi-tasking.

Be Flexible and Resilient!

The dictionary defines resilient as springing back; rebounding, returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched. LOL! How many of us can say we do that? Or that we do that well? I start off my day with a plan, goals, etc., and rarely does my day go that way. Learning to be resilient not only keeps my frustrations low, it helps me live in the moment, enjoy who or what interrupted my schedule, and return to the plan when I am able to…

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