Dr Tim Sharp is Australia’s very own ‘Dr Happy’, at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of The Happiness Institute.

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    Lost and found Dr Tim Sharp

    Lost and Found

    How to Wander Your Way to a Better Life

    Preorder now for 2 July 2024 launch

    Packed with psychological insights, practical tips and personal stories from Tim’s life, Lost and Found is a new kind of self-help book that invites all of you to the table: the bad and the good, your failures and your successes, challenges and breakthroughs. By sitting with discomfort, we allow ourselves to become more authentic and vulnerable – and by becoming lost, we find our true selves.

    ‘Dr Happy’s book is like having a friendly tour guide: he’s been to the dark places, he’s been lost and found his way home again. Tim sharing his experience and wisdom in a relatable way made me feel okay with the days I have felt profoundly lost in my own life. It’s beautiful.’ – Alison Daddo


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    From the blog

    Those of you who are familiar with Positive Psychology and self-help happiness strategies generally, will probably be familiar with what is known as the “three good things” exercise. As the name suggests, it’s a relatively simple journalling activity that, usually once each day, involves reflecting......

    The trap many of us fall into is making or allowing our happiness to be dependent on, well, on all sorts of things. This is what I call “the tyranny of when”, and it goes something like, “I’ll be happy when …” which might end......

    Some time ago, I came up with a strategy that worked really well for me when things weren’t working that well for me. But as is often the case, even when I’ve discovered and even mastered self-help tools or hacks, and even if or when......

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