Dr Tim Sharp is Australia’s very own ‘Dr Happy’, at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of The Happiness Institute.

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    From the blog

    So, this morning I did a few things that were a bit out of my usual routine. Which was great. Although I didn’t do anything obviously happiness inducing or massively satisfying, I feel content and happy right now. As such, I’ve been reflecting on what......

    As regular readers would know, despite being known as “Dr Happy” and despite being the Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute, I’m not happy all the time. Definitely not! Instead, because I’m what some might refer to as a “highly sensitive person” (or HSP)......

    I’ve written a lot about acceptance as an active coping strategy and in recent years, I’ve worked especially hard on trying to master and integrate it into my personal life. As with most things suggested for happiness and mental health, it’s easier said than done......

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