There are other presenters who touch on the topics of happiness and positivity, but there is only one Dr. Happy!

Dr. Sharp is a highly acclaimed conference and corporate keynote presenter. He’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around Australia and the world. And he’s one of the few professional speakers who has academic credentials and deep professional experience, as well as an incredible ability to engage and entertain!

He’s also a best-selling author and corporate consultant, with a background in academic, clinical and coaching psychology. He’s worked with individuals, teams and organisations at all levels and from all backgrounds and it’s this incredible breadth of experience, along with his own personal successes and achievements, that he shares with his audiences – in an entertaining and humorous way.

When all is said and done, Dr. Sharp is an expert in human behaviour, in what makes people tick; but his focus is mostly on the promotion of positive psychology principles and his passion lies in helping individuals, teams and organisations to really thrive and flourish.

More specifically, Dr. Sharp’s presentations include topics such as:

  • Happiness at work…and beyond
  • Building a positive organisational culture
  • Creating collaborative teams
  • Resilience – thriving through difficult times rather than just surviving
  • Developing optimism
  • Identifying and utilising key strengths
  • Improving performance and productivity through positivity
  • Happiness, health and wellbeing