5 positive goals to set that aren’t necessarily about getting better

5 positive goals to set that aren’t necessarily about getting better

via Bustle by Brianna Wiest

I really hope I don't have to carry on with the importance of having goals and dreams and ideas of what you'd like to be — society has probably beat you over the head with it to a sufficient degree. But what we do need to talk about is how the goals we're encouraged to have, the ones we're ultimately told to be inspired by, are the ones that have us striving to be anywhere but where we are, and to be people that we're not. We're encouraged to pursue happiness as long as happiness looks a certain way that everyone agrees is "good." We're encouraged to pursue our dreams as long as those dreams also facilitate money and status. We're encouraged to pursue the relationships and careers and bodies we want, so long as they are ideal and lucrative and perfect.

Most people struggle with the idea that to accept who they are is to give up who they want to be. When this is the case, it's just a matter of realizing who you "want to be" is someone inherently disconnected from "who you truly are," and the problem isn't that you aren't going to actualize yourself or live up to your potential — rather that you've left some major insecurity completely unchecked, so you think you have to transcend yourself in some grandiose way to be "OK." But this way of thinking is really detrimental, for a good number of reasons. Here, a few sample goals you could make within the next year that aren't about being better on the outside, but feeling good on the inside, regardless.

Base Your Ideal Life On What You Want To Do Each Day, Not What You Think You Want To Achieve In A General Sense

The only thing your life will truly amass to is what you do each day. That's it. There's nothing but the present, and all the ideas of past and future that we ultimately get distracted by…

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