Here’s to a happy festive season for you all

Here’s to a happy festive season for you all

Hello Happiness Institute readers, it's Dr. Happy here!

I'd just like to say a quick thank you for all your support and encouragement over the past year. I hope you've enjoyed reading this, my blog, and I hope you've found our work and resources helpful and happiness boosting : ) 

You'll not be surprised to read that over the next few weeks I, and my colleagues here at The Happiness Institute will be taking some time off. Accordingly, I won't be posting many (if any) articles here on this "happy blog". 

I will, however, from time to time post comments and thoughts on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page (HERE) and on my Twitter feed (HERE) so please (if you're not already) follow me/us there and keep receiving happiness boosters. 

From all the team here at The Happiness Institute, therefore, I wish you a very merry Festive Season and Happy New Year. Until 2012, keep well and keep smiling, 

Tim (aka Dr. Happy)