Happiness is moving towards the positive, not away from the negative

Happiness is moving towards the positive, not away from the negative

Approaching something desirable is more motivating than avoiding something unpleasant. 

This simple concept can be very powerful and ultimately, life changing. 

Too many people set "negative" or "avoidance" goals. That is, they try to get away from something they don't like which might seem to make sense but is, by definition, ultimately negative and, therefore, less than inspiring.

An alternative approach and one that I'd recommend, is to set goals that are positively framed and attractive and, therefore, motivating and energising. 

What am I talking about? 

Well, instead of trying to…

  • lose weight try instead to gain health and wellbeing

  • be less depressed determine instead to be happier and more positive

  • stop smoking set yourself the goal to exercise more 

  • avoid negative people in your life ensure, instead, that you surround yourself with positive people

Now this might sound like a semantic game BUT semantics, what we say to ourselves and the words we use when we talk to ourselves are very important so don't underestimate the importance of reframing goals and more generally, using more positive language in and with everything we do (including goal setting). 

So give it a go and as always, let me know what you think or even better, let me know if you've found this helpful for you in the past. Share your thoughts HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page : )