The Happiness Diet – Top Ten Tips

The Happiness Diet – Top Ten Tips

As you may well be aware, we’re in the process of launching a very exciting, new positive psychology coaching program; a program based on science, steeped in fun and ultimately, a program that will effectively help you achieve weight loss where you may well have struggled in the past.

The Happiness Diet is all about putting positivity first; creating the motivation and energy to do what you need to do and achieve your goals.

So how do you get happier for a brighter, slimmer, less stressed life?

Here at The Happiness Institute we know there_ã_s nothing mystical about increasing your happiness levels. It_ã_s simply about learning new, more helpful behavioural and thinking habits. Mastering these habits will help you to own your positivity; which will help you to lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Try it for yourself ! Here our top ten tips to harness the power of positivity for inspiration and change. . .

  1. Imagine a positive vision of the future _ã_ one in which you_ã_re living a great, fulfilling, active and flourishing life
  2. Imagine your best possible self _ã_ a _ã–you_㝠that_ã_s firing on all cylinders, a living and breathing version of you at your absolute best
  3. Start living as though you_ã_re at your best and you_ã_re life is great _ã_ schedule positive and inspiring activities into your life right now
  4. Plan, also, activities that require a degree of effort and mastery _ã_ although pleasure is important, so too is the satisfaction we get from working hard to achieve meaningful goals
  5. Be mindful about what you say to yourself _ã_ watch out for and _ã–stomp_㝠on ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) whilst also developing and cultivating realistic, optimistic thoughts
  6. Build confidence and self-efficacy _ã_ try new and exciting activities to build your confidence and believe that you can achieve what you want to achieve
  7. Focus more on strengths and stop trying to fix weaknesses _ã_ start to think more about what you have, your positive attributes and qualities
  8. Positively redefine your relationship with food and activity _ã_ find a way, any way, to think positively and helpfully about healthy eating and exercise; where possible, for example, make what you want to do fun!
  9. Build positive and supportive relationships _ã_ enlist the support of family and friends; find a _ã–Happiness Diet Buddy_㝠or someone to walk with you along the way
  10. Build positivity by practising appreciation and gratitude _ã_ spend time each and every day thinking about all the good things in you, in your life and in the world around you

We wish you all the best of luck to live a healthier and happier life. If you_ã_re really serious about losing weight, register for our _ã–Happiness Diet_㝠Seminar Event in Sydney and find out even more about our powerful coaching program to get real results!