The positive power of … different!

The positive power of … different!

Regular readers of this blog or followers of my work will know that for most of my adult life I’ve experienced severe depression (with, at times, anxiety).

I’ve written and spoken before about my attempts to manage my mental ill-health, as well as my efforts to foster and develop more happiness.

And I’ve also written and spoken a lot about my belief that different things will work for different people. So although, for me, the most effective anti-depressants and happiness boosters have been CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), acceptance and mindfulness versions of CBT, positive psychology, exercise and nature therapy, I’m well aware that this list would look different for others.

But today’s post is all about … different. Not necessarily as a treatment for depression, although it’s often helped me, but more so as a way out of … meh!

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who from time to time, if not serious depression, feels blah or meh or just flat and stale.

Do you ever feel like this?

If so, one of the things I’ve found super helpful is to just change my routine; to try and/or go somewhere different.

For example, I walk a lot and during these periods I’ll make an effort to walk a different path. I might also make an effort to cook and eat something I’ve not tried before, listen to new or different music and podcasts, catch up with someone I’ve not seen for a while.

The point is, different experiences can kickstart different feelings, trying new things can create new (and hopefully, more positive) emotions (like happiness!).

This definitely works for me and I hope it might work for you. If it does, feel free to share your NEW or DIFFERENT activities on social media and make sure to tag #thehappinessinstitute so we can share the positivity and love with others!

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