Why you must keep changing to stay happy

Why you must keep changing to stay happy

If you follow me on Instagram (HERE) you might have noticed I’ve been trying a few new things lately.

If not, no worries, because today’s post is not really about my Instagram page (although you’re more than welcome to come and join me if you’d like!).

What this post is about is change; and happiness; and why change and variety is so important for happiness.

I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing over on Instagram, and in fact on all my social channels for a while now.

And it seems to be working and to be liked by many.

But it also seems to have become slightly “stale”; as anything will if you do it for long enough.

Even that which is good can lose some of its goodness with repetition. Healthy habits can lose their power if they become boring and mundane.

And so, over on Instagram, I’m trying to spice things up a bit.

Related to this, I’m trying some other new things, like my new weekly eNewsletter (you can subscribe HERE if you’re interested).

I hope you are interested in all this but even if you’re not, I hope you can see the relevance for you, for your life, and for your happiness and wellbeing.

If you have healthy habits then great. If you have a happiness routine that works for you, then great. But be prepared, at regular intervals, to change things up a bit. Because variety is the spice of life and we need a bit of spice for enduring and meaningful happiness : )