When you want to give up, remember this and don’t!

When you want to give up, remember this and don’t!

Happiness is…staying strong. 

Happiness is…getting through the tough times so you can enjoy the good times. 

Happiness is…remembering what's important when nothing seems important.

Check out this great article from the Huffington Post by Dr Nikki Martinez…

There are many times and many reasons in our lives that we find ourselves wanting to give up, only to regret it later. It can be really hard to keep going when times seem tough, and it seems like throwing in the towel is the only answer. All of the great successes in life had a choice at some point, to throw in that towel, or to push through. They have failed much more than they succeeded. The difference is that they got up one last time, the time that mattered. Perhaps some of them kept these wise words and thoughts in mind during those hours where they struggled.

1. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” If this is true for you, do you want what you think about it to be that you threw in the towel, or that you persevered? If it is the latter, it is a thought that will stick with you and motivate you in ways that you had not dreamed of. It will show you that no matter how dark things seemed to have gotten, you were able to find a strength from within, and demonstrate that you could be successful if you out your mind to it. If you decided just to stop because things seemed hard, you would always live with that knowledge as well, and you are likely to question how you will handle it when things get rough in the future…

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