You really should consider learning these 7 great habits for 2016!

You really should consider learning these 7 great habits for 2016!

via by Betty Liu

The new year is fast approaching which means we're all looking to the future. Some of us, like me, are hitting the gym to develop healthy habits early. Others are contemplating the next steps in their jobs and careers.

Just as a few tweaks in your exercise regime might do wonders for your body, so will a few tweaks to your daily habits do wonders for your professional life. Whether it's starting your own business or angling for the next promotion, here's 7 habits to develop that will power you into even greater success in 2016. I'll gladly toast to that!

1. Do the hard stuff early. Before you settle down at your desk, do all the really hard things first. Write that unpleasant email or make that contentious phone call in the morning before the day gets started. Work on that project in the early hours. You'll find you'll become way more efficient if you don't walk around all day with a big cloud hanging over your head of what you "need to do."

2. Take care of your body. Not all of us can have the rock hard body of The Rock. Still, exercise is an extremely important habit to develop, both for your physical and mental health. Many successful entrepreneurs, despite lamenting how little time they have during the day, still find time to hit the gym or jog around the track. Working out helps you burn off emotional energy-as well as that donut for breakfast-and refocuses your brain…

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