Do these 3 things EVERY day and you’ll enjoy more happiness!

Do these 3 things EVERY day and you’ll enjoy more happiness!

Two of my favourite philsophies for creating more happiness are…

Achieving happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines each and every day. 


From little things, big things grow. 

Taken together, our approach here at The Happiness Institute is very much based on the idea that if you do the right things, regularly, they'll create the right outcomes…like happiness and success!

So consistent with this, here are 3 daily routines you might want to build in to your life…

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When looking back on the many blessings of my football career, I am forever indebted to the game for instilling in me qualities and traits that have helped me succeed in business. Football taught me the power of routine and adopting successful habits.

The most successful people in the world all have world-class habits and routines. If you asked the 10 most successful people you know what contributes most to their success, most would say it's the things they consistently do daily over the long haul. The habits and routines give them their greatest return on time and energy so they can get big things done.

Here are three powerful routines and habits worth practicing every single day of your life.

1. Spend some time everyday just contemplating.

Most people aren't thinking past reacting to the circumstances and demands of daily life. It’s amazing what can happen when you pause for five to fifteen minutes during your hectic day to contemplate where you are in life, who you are becoming as a person and where you are headed.

Those three questions can get you started strategizing a new business idea, thinking through a current problem, or simply paying tribute to all that you are grateful for in your life. Setting aside a set time on your calendar to just think can reap tremendous rewards in both your personal and professional life…

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