3 of the simplest ways to boost your happiness

3 of the simplest ways to boost your happiness

via the Huffington Post by meQuilibrium 

Happiness isn't all fun and games. Research shows that it can improve your life substantially, and that unhappiness sets you up for less success and poorer health. Happier people are more productive than their less happy peers, and also tend to be more financially responsible. They're also half as likely to catch the cold virus and have a 50 percent lower risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke.

But let's face it. No one feels fantastic all the time. We feel a wide range of emotions — as we should. Happiness is not about trying to feel joyful all the time; denying negative emotion; or searching for a new job, diet plan, or relationship to make you happy. The truth is, an overall happy life is found (and lost) in everyday decisions and habits that you probably don't think about much.

Here are three surprisingly easy research-backed habits that can add more happiness to your life right now.

Express emotion when you feel it. Suppressing negative feelings–say, in a meeting with your boss–should make room for happiness, right? In fact, as David Rock shares in his book Your Brain at Work, people who try to suppress negative emotion are just as agitated as those who express it. But describing your emotion in just a few words or labeling it (i.e. "frustration" or "jealousy") calms you, reducing feelings of fear and anger. (That's not to say you should unload on your boss! Walk outside, phone a friend, and tell them what you're feeling.)

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