Happiness and physical health – an intimate relationship

Happiness and physical health – an intimate relationship

Happiness is mostly talked about and considered to be a psychological (e.g. emotional) construct and experience. 

And happiness is, most certainly, a psychological and emotional experience. 

But happiness is also very much connected to physical health and wellbeing. 

Exercise, for example, is a potent anti-depressant, stress-buster AND mood enhancer. 

Research is also increasingly highlighting the role of diet in mental health. 

So today we bring you a coupld of articles highlighting the rational for and benefits of attending to your physial health and wellbeing; not just to look good but more so to feel good (because that's what happiness really is all about)…

First up, I invite you to read this interesting article from TIME titled "Why food, sleep and exercise are critical to success" – HERE

Following this, you might also like to read this great article from CBC News titled "Exercising good for happiness, not just fitness" – HERE

In short, I've come to believe (and I think there's no doubt the research supports) the notion that physical and mental health are intimately linked. 

So if you want to be happy then sure, practice gratitude and develop optimism and do all the things we know are good for your psychology; BUT don't neglect that body in which you live because by exercising and eating well and ensuring you get adequate sleep you'll be doing just as much good for your mind as you do for your muscles!