Practice Mindful Gratitude for more Happiness

Practice Mindful Gratitude for more Happiness

Two of the simplest but most powerful promoters of happiness that I've discovered and practised over recent years are gratitude and mindfulness. 

Put the two together…and you get mindful gratitude which for me is one of the greatest examples of 1 + 1 = MASSIVE! 

Like many things in life, however, they're easier said than done but for those of you who're keen and determined to work for your happiness then keep reading because this Huffington Post article by Hannah Rose Crane will shed some light on what you can do to enjoy a better, happier life…

What does it mean to be mindful about being thankful? To practice gratitude?

It may sound silly at first, but studies show that expressing gratitude is overwhelmingly beneficial for your health. Making the time each day to explicitly articulate your thanks has been proven to enhance your overall health and happiness. The most compelling evidence suggests that being grateful can encourage empathy and reduce aggression, improve mental and emotional wellbeing, and even boost your business- who would have thought!

After reading all of these articles and beginning to see gratitude as something to actually practice, I wanted to brainstorm some ways that I could integrate expressing gratitude into my daily routine. My search turned up a lot of information on gratitude journals and the power of writing as a means of expressing thanks. While these journals prove to be very effective for those who are keen on writing, I was looking for something a little more digital and a bit less time intensive. What I really wanted to find was an app comparable to what Headspace does for practicing mindfulness. Headspace makes mindfulness easy, accessible, and quick but is still incredibly effective in producing results…

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