15 simple and powerful tips to boost your health & happiness now!

15 simple and powerful tips to boost your health & happiness now!

Health and happiness. 

Happiness and health. 

The two are intricately linked and vitally important to each other; not to mention success and other aspects of living our best possible lives. 

Today we bring you an article that focuses ostensibly on getting healthier but as hinted at above, and as those of you who read my writings regularly would well be aware, getting healthier will indubitably assist in getting happier so read on, put the tips into practice and then enjoy a better life…

It's that time of year again when we all create New Year's resolutions in desire for change, betterment and self improvement. Here are some of the best (which I practice myself) to get you geared up for making 2015 healthy and empowering:

Body Healthy

Reduce your intake of "white carbs" — potatoes, bread, white rice, flour, ANYTHING that is a "white" carbohydrate. They are quickly metabolized into sugar and are not needed in huge amounts unless you are running a marathon, climbing the Himalayas, or involved in some activity where carb burning for fuel over a long duration is necessary.

Move your body every single day. No skipping out. If you don't feel up to going to the gym to exercise, go outside and walk, run or (be silly and) skip. Move every part of you… not just your legs, but your arms, waist, hips, shoulders, butt… shall I go on?

Drink water until you become a sea or have to pee… No, not really, but drink MORE clean, filtered water. It's great for hydration, detoxification, yada yada yada (you have already heard the milieu of reasons why water is good for you).

Keep your oral cavity fresh and clean — we're talking your MOUTH here… and oh, your teeth and tongue too. Your mouth is host to a ton of bacteria, germs and all that yicky yucky stuff, so clean it, irrigate it, swish it with basic cleansing solutions (e.g., filtered water and baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, sea salt and water are just a few to consider). Your dentist will LOVE me for this one!

Massage, Massage, Massage. It that clear? Get a professional massage OR massage yourself. In Ayurveda, we call this Abhyanga (self massage). Massages are not just for spa-goers anymore. They are medicinal. The message of massage is that it sends real time signals to your cells to relax, regroup and regenerate. Send your cells some love with a calming, soothing massage. Your body will thank you for it.

Mind Healthy

Stop telling yourself you're "too old," "too tired" or "not good enough." Just STOP! You believe what you tell yourself, so tell yourself something good… like… "I feel younger every day," or "I'm so ready to DO this!" You can't empower yourself with negative thoughts and negative self talk.

Choose your words wisely. Communication and your verbal response to situations can create a "window" (of opportunity) or a "wall" for you. You set the stage for how others will react to your words by the words you choose to say and how you say/express them…

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