You’re never too busy to do something as important as…relax!

You’re never too busy to do something as important as…relax!

Happiness comes in part from working hard and achieving meaningful goals. 

Happiness comes in part also, from taking time out to relax and recuperate and regenerate. 

Too many of us think we're "too busy" to relax…and as a result, our health and happiness suffers. 

But if the busiest people on earth can find time to relax then you and I can too…

by Kate Bratskeir from the Huffington Post

One has to wonder how the most successful, busy people get it all done. The beloved Oprah, for one, has acted in and produced dozens of award-winning films, launched several lucrative talk shows and published one of the most-recognized magazines of all time — all while overcoming a sincerely difficult past. Whew.

While there's no single formula for success, one ingredient that only promotes prosperity is, well, the act of not doing. Relaxation.

As Tony Schwartz, founder and CEO of The Energy Project and best-selling author wrote in The New York Times, "The importance of restoration is rooted in our physiology. Human beings aren’t designed to expend energy continuously. Rather, we’re meant to pulse between spending and recovering energy."

So, despite their filled-to-the-brim schedules, the people who "make it" block off some of their precious hours — even days — for the purpose of restoration. Schwartz writes:

More and more of us find ourselves unable to juggle overwhelming demands and maintain a seemingly unsustainable pace. Paradoxically, the best way to get more done may be to spend more time doing less. A new and growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that strategic renewal — including daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations — boosts productivity, job performance and, of course, health.

As he puts it, not taking a break is actually unsustainable. It will lead to less productivity and — yes — more burn out. Successful people who have kept their heads above water have tapped into this truth and explored ways to unwind, which are ultimately the foundation that supports their greatest achievements. Consider this the next time you think there aren't enough hours in the day to just chill. And for some relaxation inspiration, find seven ways some of our most admirable figures clear their heads below…

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