3 Simple Steps to Happiness…still, fill and spill!

3 Simple Steps to Happiness…still, fill and spill!

by Dr. Happy (follow on Twitter – HERE)

For real and meaningful happiness…still, fill and spill your mind!

What does this mean?

Well, it's a my new simple, 3-step formula for happiness and it goes something like this…

  • Still your mind – mindfulness has been shown to be beneficial in so many ways. People who practice it regularly enjoy greater health and happiness and resilience and more. Learning to still the mind is also one of the first and most important steps to the effective use of other important strategies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, building optimism, building positive relationships etc. 

  • Fill your mind – with love and hope and optimism. A still mind is just the first step; following this we have an opportunity to fill it with good or bad content. Clearly, I'd advocate for the former so step two involves actively filling your mind with positives via developing real optimism, focusing more on what you have and less on what you don't have, practising gratitude and appreciation and setting positive, inspirational goals to which you can look forward. 

  • Spill your mind – spread the love and positivity to others. There's no doubt that real and meaningful happiness is NOT the same as selfishness. Rather, happiness is built on the premise that "other people matter" so once we've stilled and filled our minds with love we can then spill this positivity over onto and into others! Share the joy buy expressing gratitude as well as feeling it; by engaging in acts of kindness; by being caring and thoughtful and compassionate and more. 

As regular readers of this blog would well be aware, I'm a big fan of simple; but this simple, 3-step happiness formula also has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Give it a try and let us know what you think (you can post HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page)