Maybe happiness is…giving up!

Maybe happiness is…giving up!

Too often we think more will give us happiness; maybe it's less! 

So many try to do more for happiness; maybe we should do less!

This interesting article highlights 4 things you should GIVE UP for more happiness and a better life…

by Kelly O'Brien for MindBodyGreen

When it comes to providing a motivational speech to aid another in sports, dieting, working out, relationships, etc., it is quite common for 'Don't Give Up' to be attached. Stick with it, don't give up, keep going, you can do this and countless other mantras that bring people to their feet, cheering.

My motivational quip for all of you today is to 'Give Up'. Yes, you read that correctly. I am challenging all of you to simply 'Give Up'!

'Give Up' trying so hard. 'Give Up' processed food that is killing you. 'Give Up' on trying to change yourself because you are amazing just the way that you are. 'Give Up' on perfectionism. 'Give Up' on letting fear rule your life. 'Give Up' and 'Let Go' – just BE who you are. Your lovely. Life is short and so much of our time is spent trying to be something or someone else vs. appreciating who we are right now.

How do you 'Give Up'?

It looks like a fab idea on paper and seems doable in your mind but how do you actually 'do it'? 

Here are some ideas:

1. Give up whatever is holding you back.

Appreciate who you are right now – today. You are genuinely breathtaking. You are here – reading this article – most likely wanting to grow, change, advance, make an impact, inspire. You have already taken the first step in reading MindBodyGreen so, take yet another step into wellness. Give Up whatever it is that is holding you back irregardless of how scary it seems. If it is a relationship holding you back, take a leap of faith and walk out the door. If it is food holding you hostage, muster up your strength to welcome in fresh whole organic fruits & vegetables. You CAN do this. 

2. Give up relationships that don't work anymore.

Appreciate those that bless your life. They say that you are an accumulation of the 5 people you surround yourself with. I can only hope that is true! Do you feel as motivated by those you surround yourself with as I do? Do you need to re-evaluate who is bringing joy into your life and who is blanketing you with toxicity? Give Up those relationships that simply do not work anymore. I am not suggesting you 'give up' on those you love however, I AM suggesting that you let go of those that provide toxicity the majority of the time. You have choices and who you surround yourself with changes the course of your journey. You know what and who you need to 'Give Up' to be free and happy – so do go on and do that…

…keep reading HERE for the remaining 2 things to give up and the full & original article.