7 ways to create more happiness by being more grateful

7 ways to create more happiness by being more grateful

by Dr. Happy (follow on Twitter HERE)

When I speak at conferences and to orgnisations, which I do quite frequently, I'm often asked something along the lines of…

…if there were one thing you would recommend for me to do, that would boost my happiness, what would it be? 

Now I'm always reluctant to focus on "one thing" because there isn't just one thing or one secret that will lead to happiness; and even if there were one thing that worked for me it would different for each and every one of you!

But, that being said, and at the risk of contradicting myself, my response to this question is more often than not…

…practice gratitude and appreciation! 

The Positive Psychology research clearly supports the many benefits of being grateful and appreciative. People who're grateful tend to be happier, healthier, have better quality relationships and more! 

This idea's not, obviously, new to Positive Psychology because every major religion and every major school of philosophical thought has had some version of "thankfulness" for hundreds or thousands of years. But what positive psychology has done is develop a science behind happiness that's allowed us to test and now to recommend various empirically supported (or proven) strategies for you to try.

And here, I'm please to say, are a few of them for you to put into practice…

  1. focus more on what you have than on what you don't have

  2. savour what you have by reflecting on and contemplating all the good things about what you have

  3. celebrate your achievements (and those of others) 

  4. write a list, each and every day, of 3 good things that have happened

  5. keep a gratitude journal, writing down all those things in your life for which your grateful 

  6. write someone a gratitude letter, expressing your appreciation for something they've done

  7. better still, meet this person and read the letter out loud to them! 

These are just a few ways you can practice and bulid more gratitude into your life; and if you do put them into practice I can pretty much guarantee you'll then enjoy more health and happiness. 

But there are, also, many other ways so if you have tips and recommendations for being more grateful and appreciative that I've not included here then please share your ideas HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page…and just so I practice what I preach, THANKS in advance : )