Staying motivated and on track…for happiness and success

Staying motivated and on track…for happiness and success

by Dr. Happy 

Getting started on anything new is not that hard; staying motivated and on track is where many seem to stumble. So following on from the flurry of articles on New Year's Resolutions we thought we'd provide you with a few tips to stay focused, happy and continuing to succeed…

  • use reminders so you don't forget what's important. These can be electronic notifications on fancy gadgets or, quite simple, post-it notes or stickers anywhere you'll see them frequently. One of the simplest strategies ever recommended, the use of reminders is also one of the most effective

  • reinforce or reward yourself when you make progress. Don't just keep on keeping on without giving your success a second thought; instead, give yourself a pat on the back or even buy yourself a tangible "prize". Research clearly shows that those who take time to savour their wins are more likely to keep on going in the long term

  • make sure you remind yourself often of not just WHAT you need to do but also WHY you're doing it! The "why" is where you'll find the motivation so focus on the big picture and the end goal and what difference you're making to your life by working hard and making positive changes

  • enlist the support of family and friends (or even a professional like one of our coaches!). No one needs to struggle on their own; we all have loved ones who'd be happy to support us and the research clearly shows that those who have a supportive "buddy" and/or someone to share their successes and progress with are far more likely to succeed in the long term

  • make what you want and/or need to do fun! We're all more likely to engage in behaviours we enjoy so make working towards your goals fun and you'll instantly boost your chances of success!

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