New study shows health & happiness related

New study shows health & happiness related

by Bianca da Silva

In an interesting study conducted by researchers from the George Mason University, as well as the University of Massachusetts, the University of Chicago and the University of Alabama-Birmingham, has indicated a direct link between an individual’s functioning and their level of happiness. According to the study, when a person’s daily functions are disrupted, their level of happiness decreases.

Happiness and Health

Previous studies have shown just how strongly happiness is related to the more minor issues that people might experience with their bodies, such as incontinence as opposed to issues such as cancer. One of the aims of the studies was to look into this link in order to understand the issue a bit better.

The results that were obtained from the study, according to the lead author, Erik Agner, shows support for “the notion that health status is one of the most important predictors of happiness. A better understanding of the complex relationship between health status and subjective well-being could have important implications for the care and treatment of patients and could lead to interventions that could dramatically improve patient quality of life.”

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