Resilience…not just for the big things

Resilience…not just for the big things

By Ingrid Poulson (HERE

In the wake of the storms hitting the coast in the US and the Caribbean, there’s bound to be a sudden run on the term ‘resilience’.  Although the media likes to linger on the tragedy and details of human suffering, I find that people actually like to focus on the stories of rallying, acts of everyday heroism, stories of building up and bouncing back.  Stories of resilience. 

I also find that it’s around these times that people become curious about my offerings in resilience training.  More than once, people have enquired whether resilience training is “just for emergency services”, or “for people who have been through (or are likely to go through) trauma”?

Although I’ve come to understand the term through my own experience of tragedy, what I’ve actually discovered is that I use resilience tactics everyday in my everyday life to deal with everyday things. 

Call it practice, if you will. But I’m convinced that the small and ongoing steps that I take make my life healthier and happier. What’s more, if I do have to deal with big things again, I have great confidence in my resilience muscles. 

To use a wonderful line from the CBT expert Sarah Edelman; I deeply feel that “Whatever happens, I will cope”

So if you are watching tragedies unfold, and want to know whether you are cut out to deal with such things, take heart.  Most of us deal with most things. Just start practicing being resilient, today!

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