The direct way to happiness – meditation

The direct way to happiness – meditation

Meditation is not about switching off or opting out…it's about waking up to the fullness of life and happiness! 

In yet another great article from the Huffington Post, loving kindness meditation is described as a direct path to real and meaningful happiness. Read on and enjoy…

by Ed and Deb Shapiro

We love to meditate; it's really our favorite activity, like hanging out with a very near and dear friend. We've both been meditating since our early 20s and together for the last 26 years. We have no idea who we would be nor how we could live in this mad and crazy world without it. But one thing's for sure: Whenever we run into a difference of opinion (Ed thinks the ceiling is flat while Deb thinks it's white) it is only when we sit to meditate that such differences dissolve (the ceiling is both flat and white).

Ed trained in India in the yoga tradition, Deb in Buddhism, but we've dropped the "isms" and go by what our hearts tell us. Often we just sit in quiet emptiness (which is so rich and full); other times we focus on loving kindness for ourselves and others; and sometimes we do walking meditation or recite mantras. Meditation is about being totally present, so whatever we do brings us back to center, back to awareness, freedom, and radiant emptiness.

We are passionate about teaching meditation — although strictly speaking no one can teach it but merely point the way, like a finger pointing to the moon is not the moon. We love seeing the "aha" moment when someone lets go of thinking they can't do it and "gets" what meditation is really about — just being present with what is, as it is.

Sitting quietly enables us to go beyond our limited self and enter into a great spaciousness. We assure you, it's the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Loving Kindness Meditation

This meditation opens your heart by developing loving kindness…

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