Is happiness…removing some of the pressure?

Is happiness…removing some of the pressure?

Do you think you ever expect too much of yourself? 

Does this impact on your happiness? 

Do we undervalue rest and recuperation? Overvalue busy-ness and productivity? 

Now don't get me wrong…I'm a big fan of achievement and accomplishment and I also believe that most happy people tend to be relatively busy; but busy with the "right" types of activities; and busy, also at times, with rest and recovery. 

Anyway, I thought this wonderful little cartoon summed up how I feel at times and I hope you might enjoy it too…

check it out HERE

And next time you're feeling guilty about taking a break, just ask yourself whether it really is a problem or not? would it really be good for my health, wellbeing and happiness? 

If the answer is YES then you know what to do : ) 

Here's to your happiness on this fine day and to a wonderful weekend!