10 tips for building zest and energy to enjoy more happiness

10 tips for building zest and energy to enjoy more happiness

I had a great session with a client yesterday and one of the goals we'd set was to work towards boosting her "zest and enthusiasm", something she'd had in abundance a few years ago but something somewhat lacking in her life at the moment. 

So we discussed a range of options and ultimately came up with the following tips for boosting happiness by kickstarting her day with a range of positive energisers. I thought I'd share them with you all today as I think they're things from which we could all benefit…

…so for more happiness via zest and energy, start each and every day with some or all of the following: 

  1. turn on some of your favourite music

  2. spend a few minutes practicing gratitude and appreciation

  3. plan at least one pleasurable and at least one satisfying event for later in the day (you can even do this the night before) then enjoy the positive anticipation of looking forward to the pleasure and satisfaction

  4. get in, straight away, to some vigorous exercise

  5. make sure you have some goals, even small ones, to work towards

  6. visualise your perfect day; a day in which you achieve all your goals

  7. schedule at least some time in which you'll connect with at least one of the more positive people in your life

  8. make a commitment to eat healthily

  9. find at least one way to use at least one of your strengths

  10. and don't forget to have fun!

So there you go; kickstart your day with these 10 great positivity boosting strategies AND ALSO, share with us HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page any other tips you use to get your day off to a great start. Thanks in advance : )