Coping with change…positively

Coping with change…positively

It's possible to enjoy happiness despite change…in fact it's downright helpful!

Today, Thursday, I'm presenting a keynote to several hundred general practitioners at a national conference and the topic they've asked me to speak on is…

…Managing the Change Process: applying the principles of positive psychology

Now to be perfectly frank, my first thought was – why do we need to "manage" change? Why can't we just enjoy it? 

But I'm well aware from many years experience working with all sorts of businesses and organisations and individuals that change, for many, is a difficult and stressful process. 

Why? Well often because…

  1. we excessively focus on the negative aspects of change (i.e. what we're going to lose) and/or

  2. we don't expect change to occur (as if everything would ever stay the same!)

The solution, therefore, lies in part in reversing these two "mistakes"! 

If you want to embrace change and thrive and flourish through uncertainty, if you want to enjoy happiness and positive emotion despite chaos, then two simple things you can do are…

  1. focus more on what you'll gain rather than what you think you might lose, and

  2. be realistic about the nature and inevitability of change

I mean imagine if nothing ever changed? Our doctors would stlil be using leeches and prescribing cocaine; it would take me several weeks to get to Adelaide where I'm speaking rather than several hours; and I'd be hand writing this artice and posting out several thousand copies by "snail mail"!!!

So look at change as necessary and a positive opportunity. Whether we like it or not things do and will continue to change…so you might as well like it : )