Celebrate your success to achieve your goals and to enjoy more happiness

Celebrate your success to achieve your goals and to enjoy more happiness

Last night on Excess Baggage, the reality TV show I’my working on, there was a very interesting moment during the first check in.

As the Orange Team were reading each other their results, one of the contestants, Dipper, hurried his partner along after a few good scores wanting to get to the end as quickly as possible. Interestingly, his partner Lana stopped him and reminded him that he was doing well and that he/they should take their time. He hurried her on again which is when I interrupted…

I thought this was a very important moment because it was becoming apparent that Dipper quickly dismissed and discounted many of his achievements. If you know anything about him you’ll know that he’s achieved A LOT in his life and not just on the sporting field. He’s also achieving a lot in Excess Baggage in terms of losing weight and regaining his health and wellbeing PLUS he’s also making some very important psychological gains and ultimately boosting his happiness.

So I reminded him, and the point of this blog post is to also remind all of you, that it’s vitally important for our health and happiness and wellbeing and ultimately for our success (not just in dieting and weight loss BUT ALSO in pretty much any and every endeavour in life) to celebrate our successes and to savour our victories.


Because this provides us with a whole range of positive emotions such as pride and satisfaction and, of course, happiness but just as importantly it also provides us with the motivation and energy to keep pushing forward and achieve even more.

You see many high achievers (and we also saw some of this in Darryn last night) don’t like to acknowledge their gains because they always want more! On the one hand that’s fine and that’s partly what’s contributed to them being high achievers and successful but on the other hand I’d argue that the best way for them to achieve more and more (and to enjoy themselves along the way) is to pause every now and then and give them selves a literal or metaphorical pat on the back.

And all of this applies just as much to you!

So as you move along towards your success, losing weight and/or achieving any other goals, stop every now and then (preferably as often as possible) and give yourself an appropriate reward. It might just be a quiet encouraging word to yourself or it might be something more tangible and significant but whatever it is do something because if you don’t, you won’t achieve nearly as much and you won’t have nearly as much fun along the way either!