Happiness is…accepting what is

Happiness is…accepting what is

For many people happiness is about hope and optimism; it's about positivity and making things better; it's about being your best and making the best. 

And this is all very true and a great approach to take. 

But (there's almost always a but, isn't there!) in addition to trying to change what we can change for happiness (within ourselves and in the world more widely) we all need to accept that there are aspects of ourselves and others that we can't change and that aren't, and will never be, perfect. 

Trying to change the unchangeable is a direct path to unhappiness and misery!

So an oft neglected component of happiness is accepting reality for what it is; accepting ourselves for what we are; accepting the world and all that's in it for what it and they are. 

Within ourselves this means there are times when, for happiness, we might need to cease trying to change but rather, accept our…thoughts, feelings, relationships and situations for all they are. 

I'm not, here, advocating a passive acceptance of anything that's bad; rather, I am advocating a realistic approach to life in which we change what we can change and accept what we can't. In doing so, we don't fight against the unbeatable and we don't, therefore, cause ourselves headaches and misery by setting ourselves up for defeat. 

So give this some thought today, and beyond, and as always, have your say by posting your thoughts and comments, or questions HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page