Happiness is…facing your fears

Happiness is…facing your fears

There are so many satisfying aspects to my job and what I do. Helping clients find more happiness, overcome depression, improve the quality of their relationships or find more meaning and purpose in their lives…these are just some of the things I do each and every day that don’t just benefit the people with whom I’m working but also, me!

But one of the more tangible and visible ways in which I find satisfaction and happiness through helping others is when I work with them to help them confront their demons, face their fears, overcome their anxieties.

You see if someone is anxious about one particular situation or trigger (e.g. heights or closed in spaces or confronting others) then although they don’t always realise it this anxiety almost always also impacts on other parts of their lives; it constrains their activities and limits their opportunities for happiness. It literally holds them back from living the best life they could potentially live.

Which is why overcoming fears and anxieties is such an important part of creating happiness and fulfilment; which is why I’m pleased, today, to provide the following tips and suggestions to help you find more confidence via facing up to apprehension.

So let’s begin with the following thought experiments. Imagine if you had no fear…

• What would you’re life be like?

• What would do that you’re not doing now?

• What would you say yes to?

• What opportunities would open up to you?

• How much more could you enjoy certain activities?

Now, imagine that you could confidently do whatever you wanted to do…

• How would you live your life differently?

• Would this change the way you work? The way you interact with others? The way you feel about yourself and the world around you?

If you’re still with me on this then let’s get even more serious. The most effective way to overcome fears is…to confront them!

So, what exactly do you need to confront? What is it you need to face up to? How, where and when can you do this?

There’s no doubting this can and will be difficult BUT there’s also no doubting that it probably won’t be as hard as you think it’s going to be AND that the long term benefits will far outweigh the short term distress.

The only caveat to this is that depending on the nature of your fear and/or the intensity of your anxiety you may well want to consult a qualified professional (e.g., like one of our expert coaching psychologists) to help you work through this and to ensure that you do all you can do to make this exercise a success.

But that being said, go forth and find your new life; a life with less fear and more confidence, with less distress and more happiness, with less avoidance and more active involvement in life!

And as always, don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions or comments or even better…how you go with this challenging but ultimately very worthwhile exercise.