5 Friday Happiness Tips

5 Friday Happiness Tips

Although Friday is, in and of itself, a good reason for many to smile and enjoy some happiness I thought I would add to your positivity repertoire with the following 5 happiness tips…

  1. enjoy the ride because noone knows what might happen tomorrow

  2. look forward to the future because you can, if you choose to, create a great one

  3. ensure you belong to something becaues our connectedness (or lack thereof) is crucial to our happiness (or lack there of)

  4. focus on the good…it's there, even if it's hard to see sometimes

  5. and remember that life's far too important to take too seriously

With this tips you can enjoy more happiness; so give them some thought this friday and put them into action in a way that will work for you. 

And feel free to add to this list with your own ideas HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page : )