Happiness, health and wellbeing

Happiness, health and wellbeing

As many of you would well be aware I've been spending much of my time lately working on and promoting The Happiness Diet

What does this mean? 

Well, it means much more than just focusing on weight loss (although this is certainly a big part of what we're trying to help people to achieve); in addition, it's about trying to help more people live healthier lives. The primary goal of The Happiness Diet is, in fact, living a great life and for many of us this means living a healthier life. 

What's a healthier life? 

Well, for many people that would require eating more healthily, exercising more and, notaby, getting better sleep and more rest. One of my clients, for example, wonders why he's struggling to cope at the moment and he's only getting about 5-6 hours sleep at night. Not wonder he's tired and exhausted and…stressed!

I've said it before and I'll say it again…it's hard to be happy if you're literally sick and tired all the time. And many of us are sick (oveweight with poor diets and sedentary lifestyles) and tired (not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep or allowing ourselves to rest and take breaks as we need). 

So do you want more happiness? Well if so, I suggest some or all of the following…

  • put yourself to bed! earlier and more often!

  • allow yourself to rest…more often and without the guilt!

  • eat well as often as possible. You don't have to become a vegan but we could all benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables and less "crap" (which is a technical term for those of you without degress in health!)

  • move more. You don't have to run marathons but you could probably walk to the shops rather than drive; walk to school with the kids; walk around the block or local part at lunch time etc

And there are many, many more simple things we can do for our health. What are they? Well you tell me. I know there are lots of intelligent and qualified people out there who read this blog and who live healthy and happy lives. 

How do you do it? What are your top tips for living a healthy (and therefore happy) life? Share your ideas HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. On behalf of all of our happiness community, thanks in advance : )