What’s your eating (and living) personality?

What’s your eating (and living) personality?

How do you live your life and to what extent is it conducive to happiness? 

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald recently discussed the notion of "eating personality". Before going on I'd like to note that this blog is not just for those interested in dieting or weight loss but rather, there is a much larger message relevant to all of us interested in living a good life and enjoying more happiness. I'll come to this later but for now, the article began like this…

Make your diet suit your personality for weight loss success, says neuroscientist.

It is the most important tool in weight loss and often the most overlooked. No, it's not a high-tech exercise machine or a set of digital scales. It's the human brain.

Almost two-thirds of the Australian population is overweight, so there is no doubt healthier eating is a concern for many.

We can hardly be accused of ignoring the issue; Australians spend about $750 million a year on weight-loss programs as well as surgical procedures such as lap banding and liposuction.

But experts believe this is money down the drain if we don't examine the reasons we become overweight in the first place. And on this point, they say we're better off exercising our self-awareness than sweating it out in the gym.


American neuroscientist Daniel Amen believes personality type is a key driver of obesity, something he examines in his book, The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off.

He argues people with certain personality types (see below) are prone to overeating but can harness their traits to help them shed the kilos as well…

…you can read the full and original article HERE

But as noted above, I'm posting this not just for those interested in dieting or weight loss. There is a message here that I believe is much broader and more relevant to all of us. Think about, for example, how you live your life and how you seek happiness. 

Do you pursue your goals and work your job and interact in your relationships in ways that are truly consistent with your personality? Do you maximise your happiness YOUR OWN WAY? 

This is important because (to state the obvious) we're all different; and where some like haste others prefer slow and steady; where some enjoy busy-ness others prefer relaxation and calm. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to life or happiness but there is a path that's ideal for you. 

What's your best path or way to happiness? Do you know? If so, share with us HERE on our Facebook Page : )