What’s going well in your world?

What’s going well in your world?

Happiness is having more conversations about what's going well…

Too many of us spend too much time talking about and trying to fix the problems in our lives. I'm not for one minute suggesting we should NOT have these discussions or focus on solving these problems BUT today I am going to suggest that we should spend at least as much, if not more time focusing on the good in our lives. 

There's little doubt this is what happy people do; there's no doubt that if we all do more of this we'll all have more happiness. 

So devote some time each and every day, each and every week addressing and working to resolve those aspects of your life with which you're not happy but…

…devote just as much (idealy more) time to appreciating what's good in your life; to focusing on and talking about what's going well; to practicing gratitude and to savouring life's wonders. 

If you do, I can guarantee you'll enjoy more happiness and positive emotion and ultimately, live a better life!

So tell me (and feel free to share on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE)…what's going well in your world right now?