Happiness lessons from Dry July – one goal, one month, one focus

Happiness lessons from Dry July – one goal, one month, one focus

Good morning all and happy monday to you. 

As some of you would well be aware, I (Dr. Happy) have just one week left in my Dry July fundraising efforts

I'm pleased to say that abstaining from alcohol has not been all that hard and that there have, not all that surprisingly, been some positive consequences. I think, for example, that I've been sleeping better and I know for sure that my thinking has been clearer. 

But this is not exactly why I'm writing about this today; rather, I believe I've learned some more general lesons, relevant to happiness and wellbeing and success, that I wanted to share with you today. 

Firstly, it's been great having a very clear, extremely well defined goal; I (and my family and friends and colleagues) know exactly what I'm working towards and exactly when it started and when it will finish. Accordingly, it's been extremely easy to focus and ultimately, to achieve the desired result. 

I can't help but think…what if we were to apply this to other areas of our lives? What if we were to do this on a regular basis? 

The answer to these semi-rhetorical questions is, I'm pretty confident, that we'd all achieve more happiness and wellbeing and success (however we define that term). 

So my Monday Morning Challenge to you is…set yourself a specific goal, each and every month, and spend 30 or so days focusing on one thing and one thing only. Ideally, make sure that goal is something that will boost your happiness and wellbeing (although almost anything will because the accomplishment and achievement will be extremely satisfying no matter what it is you're focusing on). Do it again the following month and keep doing it…

…I certainly plan to continue this idea beyond July and I'll keep you posted on my August focus/goal once I've determined what it is! 

I'd also love to hear if/whether any of you pick up on this and encourage you to post your goals/focus on our Facebook Page (HERE) so we can all cheer you along : )