For happiness…try something new for 30 days (and tell everyone about it)

For happiness…try something new for 30 days (and tell everyone about it)

As some of you know, I'm currently taking part in Dry July, a great fund raiser for a range of cancer related charities where individuals or teams are sponsored (and hence raise money) by not consuming alcohol for one month. 

Now I won't bore you with all the details of why I signed up but I will share with you a few lessons I've already learned after just one week or so. 

Firstly, it's really not been that hard! I know I'm not addicted and I know, therefore, I'm not giving up anything that I would expect to be really difficult but I think we often overestimate the challenge involved in making changes. Yes, it can be hard but also, we can achieve much if we…

Which brings me to my second point, which is the benefit of setting clear and specific goals. Giving up one thing for a very specific period of time is crystal clear and, therefore, relatively straightforward. 

And related to this, making my clear and specific goal public has also been helpful. Most of my friends and colleagues know what I'm doing and although I've suffered my fair share of bad jokes around this (how can Dr. Happy be happy if he's sober?!?!) I've also had support and encouragement and received reminders and benefitted from the power of my whole social and professional network!

Now although I didn't realise it when I wrote my blog earlier today, this ties in nicely with the theme I covered HERE

And further, in an amazing case of synchronicity I also just stumbled upon this great (and very short – only 3 and a half minutes) little video which also makes a number of similar and supportive points. That is, making small changes, regularly, and for set periods of time and reap the rewards (having fun along the way too). 

So let me know what you think; and let all of us know what works for you by sharing your thoughts HERE on our Facebook Page


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