Happiness might require some rebranding!

Happiness might require some rebranding!

Changing the way you perceive yourself might change the way you live your life!

Earlier this morning I stumbled upon this interesting article about rebranding your business – CLICK HERE

It reminded me very much of an exercise I had the participants do in a documentary I filmed earlier this year (and which will screen in just a few short weeks!).

The documentary (titled “House of Food Obsessives” and featuring The Happiness Diet) highlighted a positive psychology coaching program designed to help people overcome eating and food related issues. Among other things, this involved teaching a range of positive psychology coaching strategies some of which we had quite a bit of fun with…

…and one of the most memorable was the rebranding exercise in which I asked all the group members to come up with an ad selling themselves at their best. It drew on previous work we’d done identifying their strengths but also allowed them each to use their own, inimitable styles and personalities to reflect how they’d like to see themslves and be seen by others.

Anyway, reading this article this morning reminded me of the role, in some instances for some people, of rebranding for happiness so leveraging of these tips I thought I’d invite you all to try these tips…

  1. Embrace change (for the good and for happiness)

  2. Be clear about what and how you want to change

  3. As others what they think

  4. Involved others in your rebranding/change program

  5. Be prepared to learn from others (e.g. search out people you know who represent happiness and success and consider what you might be able to learn from them)

  6. Rethink who you are and who you want to be

  7. Reassess the importance of others perceptions of you

  8. Clarify and stay focused on real priorities (i.e. those things that will really bring happiness as opposed to the things other people tell you will bring happiness!)

  9. Develop a clear and practical life plan

  10. And finally, share your new brand and your action plan with others

So what do you think? Let us know via our FACEBOOK Page (we love to read your comments).