Happiness is writing your own acknowledgements page

Happiness is writing your own acknowledgements page

So, I started reading a new book yesterday which will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or anyone who regularly reads my blogs and/or eNewsletters. One of my top strengths is a love of learning so I consume books like most people consume breakfast cereal or chocolate or, well, I think you get the idea…I read a lot!

But yesterday I read something I’d read a thousand times before in a slightly different way. I read something that many people probably gloss over, paying it little or no attention. I read something that gave me a great idea for a new positive psychology, happiness boosting activity!

As many of you would well be aware at the start of almost all books, especially non-fiction publications, is an “acknowledgements” page in which the author thanks all the people who have helped bring the book to life. Having written several books now, I know for a fact that these pages are not just tradition or compulsory inclusions within the many pages of a text but more so, a very real and very important act of gratitude to all those who’ve contributed in some way or other. As any author would know, although one name might be on the front cover there are always many others, often behind the scenes who play important, crucial, vital roles…

…and what I realised the other day is that this is also true for all of us in other areas of our lives!

So whether or not you’ve published a book is irrelevant; the point is that what ever successes we’ve had and what ever accomplishments we’ve achieved there’s no doubt that although we might have been at the forefront there were almost certainly other people who helped or assisted in some way or other. Our lives, including our happiness and success, although due laregely to our own efforts are also due, in many ways, to the efforts and contributions of other people in our lives.

Which brings me to my revelation…what if we were all to write our own acknowledgements page? What if we were to sit down, write a few hundred words, thanking all those people in our lives who in whatever way have helped us achieve what we’ve achieved, be what we are, enjoy happiness and/or satisfaction in some way, shape or form!

Well, I suggest we all do it! So how about you give it a try? Go away; power up your computer or pull out a pad and pen; and write down a few hundred words listing and thanking all those people who’ve helped you enjoy your life and experience happiness and fulfillment.

And after you’ve done that, share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page (both what you wrote and how you felt writing it)…maybe you could even share it with those who you’ve mentioned!