Australian women struggling to find happiness!

Australian women struggling to find happiness!

from the SMH

Australia’s women feel stressed out and unfit, and when it comes to leisure time they report just 30 minutes a day.

A poll dubbed “Australia’s Biggest Health Check”, which gathered data from about 26,000 respondents, also reveals a significant mismatch between how much sex women want versus what they get.

Dr Aaron Coutts, senior lecturer in sport and exercise science at the University of Technology Sydney, said the research painted an overall positive picture while highlighting some areas where women want, and need, to make improvements.

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“What it demonstrated was that women are very positive, women want to improve their health,” Dr Coutts told AAP on Tuesday.

“Clearly some of the measures in terms of stress and overweightness need to be improved but in terms of a comparative kind of study it is a positive finding.”

The survey was promoted via two magazines – Women’s Health and Prevention – and also had the backing of Priceline and the Seven Network_ã_s Sunrise program.

About 24,500 women responded to its questionnaire, plus 1500 men, and its key findings include…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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