Choose happiness

Choose happiness

By Lionel Ketchian

Why choose happiness? Because that’s what you really want. When something makes you unhappy, the reason you feel that way is because you think someone or something took your happiness away from you. When you are unhappy you become a victim because you focus on the problem and not your choices.

You have a problem, and have cut yourself off from the choices available to you. The problem becomes bigger than life, unhappiness sets in, and it consumes and overwhelms you. You feel there is nothing you can do about it because your state of unhappiness influences you to see life in only that way. Once you think unhappily, once you think in terms of the problem and not the solution, you disempower yourself from dealing with the problem. Don’t make the problem more important than happiness.

In a happy state, you can deal with any problem because you can see with clarity what choices you have. This clarity enables you to deal with your problem. You can make the best choice available to you, but first you need to know what your choices are. Happiness allows you to see these choices more clearly. Problems have solutions, but you are unable to choose the solution when you are overwhelmed with unhappiness.

Let’s take a look at your problem. Do you have a choice about your problem? What choice or choices do you have regarding the problem? If you do not have a choice, why make it a problem? If you don’t accept the problem, you are going to be unhappy. If the problem is just a part of life and you don’t accept it, you will suffer as a result of reacting to you’re own negative thinking.

The way to empower yourself is to decide to be happy no matter what! Choose happiness over everything else. This gives you the power to deal with life and yourself. Happiness is a powerful strategy, practice it! When you’re happy, you have the awareness to realize the choices available and which options are right for you. What is the real power you have in doing this? You have power over yourself, and this is very important my friend, because being happy is authentic power.

Have you noticed how hard it is for you to control anyone or anything? Well, you can control yourself. Lighten up, relax, and laugh about things, have fun, and enjoying life. Control yourself, and don’t let anyone or anything else control you. Let go of the things you can’t change. This way, you do not let them change you.

Do you know the reason people do not live with happiness? Many people are not aware of happiness as a choice they can make. Why be happy? It’s the best way to live, the best way to give. You can’t give away what you haven’t got. When you’re happy, you start to share your happiness with others. Show them your happiness and let them model this behavior from you. They will become aware of happiness through you, and will see the wisdom of choosing to be happy for themselves. It is all about controlling yourself, not others. People can’t contaminate you with their unhappiness. To the contrary, you will infect them with your happiness.

Learn to change what you can, and accept what you can’t change. Being Happy allows you to tap into your own wisdom and common sense. Choosing happiness will make a big difference in your life, and a big difference in the world. 

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