Hapiness Challenge (No. 2)

Hapiness Challenge (No. 2)

A few weeks ago I proposed a happiness challenge and for various reasons, have not gotten around to following up the idea; which is a pity because the first challenge seemed to be very popular!

Well, the time has come to offer you another happiness challenge so for this week…

…I encourage you to consider practising at least one random act of kindness

As I’ve written before, happiness isn’t just feeling good it’s also doing good. Mostly, I encourage people to “do good” to their loved ones, their family and friends, and also to those with whom they work. More often than not these good deeds are in response to something the other person has done but sometimes, a completely random act of generosity can be well worth the effort.

So give it a go; do whatever takes your fancy. See if you can find happiness in a surprise (for you and for some other lucky person). And make sure you let us know what you did and how it was received : )

Here’s to hearing some great stories about how you tackled the happiness challenge!