Happiness is…meeting inspirational people and doing interesting things!

Happiness is…meeting inspirational people and doing interesting things!

I have to say, I’m very happy at the moment; unfortunately, however, my happiness is such that I’m having trouble sleeping (which doesn’t necessarily make me happy)!

Now you might think this is not unusual or noteworthy; surely Dr. Happy, Chief Happiness Officer of The Happiness Institute is ALWAYS happy! Well, as it so happens I’m not. Well, I am happy most of the time but like everyone, I have my ups and downs; but at the moment I’m pleased to say I’m having a prolonged and high “up”!

Why? Because I have a number of very exciting projects on at the moment; I can’t talk about all of them because a large corporate consulting job is confidential and one or two other things on which I’m working are still in development and so not appropriate for public announcements. But what I can tell you is that I have an incredible week coming up that includes attending TEDxSydney tomorrow, the Future Summit in Melbourne from Sunday to Tuesday, I have a great workshop planned to deliver on Wednesday and then a Speakers’ Showcase presentation to give on Thursday! And I’m really excited…

But the purpose of this blog posting is not necessarily to tell you about my rather full calendar but rather, to encourage you to reflect on a few things that are, at the moment, contributing to my happiness and inviting you to find ways to integrate these and similar constructs into your lives so you too can experience elevating positive emotions.

So apart from the aforementioned events what’s really behind my recent burst of extreme happiness? Two things really…

  • meeting and spending time with fascinating, interesting and inspiring people and
  • engaging in stimulating and different activities

We know from the research that spending time with positive people is good for your mood and that trying new things is also very valuable so…

…who are you interacting with at the moment? From where are you getting your stimulation? When was the last time you did something or went somewhere new?

Give it some thought and consider learning something new, meeting different people or in some way or other, building these principles into your life because if you can then I guarantee you’ll have more happiness : )