Happiness is…doing something positive

Happiness is…doing something positive

Most of my posts are inspired by a response to something I’ve done, my response to something I’ve seen, or just an observation of something interesting and/or happiness related. Today’s short post is “inspired” by…nothing.

Well, not technically nothing but a lack of a response when I thought one was warranted. In the last few weeks I’ve engaged in what I thought were two acts of generosity; and I honestly don’t engage in kindness or generosity in order to receive something in return BUT it’s a bit of an unpleasant surprise to receive NOTHING, not even a word or two of thanks in return.

Happiness is indubitably connected to gratitude and appreciation and so I encourage you to show how you feel and to actively be thankful as often as possible; you’ll feel good and so too will the person you’re thanking!

So for more happiness, show your appreciation (in words, in kind, with gifts and/or in whatever way you can) when…

  • someone helps you out
  • someone generously gives you something
  • someone contributes positively to a project on which you’re working
  • someone is kind and thoughtful to you
  • someone else is just there

Giving should not be done for the sake of receiving but receiving should certainly prompt appropriate giving of thanks. Let me know what you think about gratitude and happiness : )