Health, happiness and marriage

Health, happiness and marriage

Does Marriage Help Your Health and Happiness? By John M Grohol PsyD

The answer to this question of the ages is found within an insightful, detailed 3,800 word article by Tara Parker-Pope over at The New York Times. Although lengthy, it explores the research into this issue and focuses on the work by Ronald Glaser and Jan Kiecolt-Glaser from Ohio State University who_ã_ve been studying the intersection of psychology on the biology of humans since the 1980s…

…Who would_ã_ve thought that two scientists in unrelated fields would find a way to work together like that? It_ã_s exactly those kinds of pairings that can result in startling new insights into a field where the common wisdom may be entrenched. Borrowing from other fields can allow us to look at old problems with new eyes.

Getting back to the question _ã” does marriage help your health and happiness? Sure, as long as it_ã_s a good marriage. Unhealthy marriages don_ã_t help an individual_ã_s health, and in fact may hurt it. Research has shown that people in unhealthy marriages might as well not be married at all _ã” they are more susceptible to illness than happier couples, for instance.

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