Your health and success is my happiness

Your health and success is my happiness

Happiness Related With Well Being of Others

by Prakash Sharma on

A recent study conducted at Cambridge University has shown that happiness comes when your friends and families do well.

A study into men’s and women’s contradictory attitudes to well-being has discovered that, people’s happiness is bound up with that of their “significant others”.

According to Sociologists, when men and women were asked about what affected their quality of life they answered differently, but many of them linked personal joy with the wellbeing of families and loved ones when their reply were scrutinized very deeply.

This research, accumulated opinions of over 10,000 people, and found that more women (57%) were worried about health than men (50%), whereas more men (38%) linked finance with happiness than women (33%).

According to deeper studies, a lot of respondents were relating their own contentment with that of the individual closest to them but wording that relation in gender-specific terms.

Professor Jacqueline Scott, who led the study, stated, “Most policy-making on happiness has focused on improving conditions for individuals. Our research suggests that more should be done to support the actions of both men and women in caring for others, because that will have benefits for everybody’s quality of life”.