7 reasons why happiness comes from clarity

7 reasons why happiness comes from clarity

I know it’s March already but I’ve just finished clarifying my goals for 2010 and I want to share with you why this process is so important and so relevant to happiness. I know I should have had this done earlier in the year but, well, “shoulds” aren’t helpful and better late than never!

Anyway, I’ve just started meeting regularly with my new “buddy” and our first assignment was to clarify our goals for 2010. Given that this is something I encourage thousands of people to do every week, in my posts and my talks, you’d think it would come easily to me and you might also think…well, I’m not sure what you think but the point is I’ve just done it and the main point is I feel fantastic as a result. And I’ve not even achieved any of my goals yet!

But having clarity about what I really want to achieve this year; this month; this week and even today makes life so much easier. It makes happiness so much easier. And this is why…

7 reasons why happiness comes more easily to those who’re clear about their goals:

  1. they know exactly what to do (each and every moment of each and every day)
  2. they know exactly what not to do (saying no to unimportant stuff can feel incredibly good)
  3. it makes it so much easier to get things done
  4. it makes it so much more enjoyable to get things done (because you know you’re working on things that are really important)
  5. it makes taking time off (for rest and recuperation) so much easier because you can reassure yourself that getting important things done sometimes requires getting nothing done
  6. they’re not brought down by unimportant time-wasters that only lead to frustration
  7. they experience far more satisfaction, pride and joy

So there it is; work out exactly what success and happiness would look like for you and then develop an action plan detailing exactly what you need to do each and every day…and I guarantee you’ll find more happiness : )