25 ways to improve your health and happiness in 2010

25 ways to improve your health and happiness in 2010

The New Year is upon us, and for many people, it includes a New Year’s resolution for achieving improved health and happiness in 2010. Here are twenty-five health-enhancing ideas to help you accomplish that goal.

#1 – Replace sodas or soft drinks with tea or water.

#2 – Commit to eating one raw fruit (or serving of vegetables) at every meal.

#3 – Add just 5 minutes a day to your exercise routine. Don’t have an exercise routine? Start with 5 minutes a day!

#4 – Get more sunshine!

#5 – Learn some Pilates. It’s probably the #1 exercise system for core strength and flexibility.

#6 – Drink a superfood smoothie every day.

#7 – Buy more indoor plants: They purify the air in your home.

#8 – Take a quality, wild-harvested fish oil supplement that contains vitamin D.

#9 – Eat more quinoa: It’s a high-protein, low-carb “grain” that can easily replace rice or couscous.

#10 – When you get out of bed each morning, do five sit-ups first. It sounds simple, but just 5 sit-ups a day can make a difference.

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