Dieting and happiness

Dieting and happiness

Heather Linich

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Association in Adelaide, Australia conducted a study on low fat versus low carb diets and found that both diets work equally well in helping the participant lose weight. However, those on the low carb diet suffered negative mood swings, according to CNN Health.

The study involved 106 overweight participants who were looking to lose weight. They were randomly assigned either a low fat or a low carb diet plan to follow. Initially, the results seemed similar. Eight weeks into the experiment, all dieters reported significant increases in their feelings of happiness.

The real difference came one year later when the researchers followed up with those in the study. Of those that kept on their respective diets–some 65 people–the participants had lost an average of 30 lbs. But only those who were on the low fat plan were still seeing an improvement in their moods, while those on the low carb plan had the opposite happen–their moods deteriorated as time went on.

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