Lack of appreciation and unhappiness

Lack of appreciation and unhappiness

I’ve written much and spoken often about the benefits of cultivating gratitude and appreciation. We know, without a shadow of doubt, that those who more actively practice gratitude and appreciation enjoy more happiness and health in their lives.

But what happens when people DON’T express their thanks?

Well, as it so happens I’ve had several experiences lately in which I believe others have been negligent in their expression of thanks; and I can tell you I’m NOT happy!

In short, there are a few businesses to which I’ve referred a number of clients and a new contact to whom I sent some of my books; none of these even said “thank you” and guess what…they’ll not be getting much of my business in the future and nor will they be getting much, if any, of my attention or care. Why would I want to help these people again when there are many others out there, to whom I could devote my time and resources?

Now I hoe that doesn’t sound bitter or vengeful, it’s not supposed to, so before going on I want to clarify two points:

  1. First, I don’t always do things EXPECTING something in return. Mostly, I try to do what I think is right and/or I try to send or direct people to the professional or business I think is best
  2. Second, I don’t necessarily expect people to make an enormous fuss or song and dance about the little things I might do for them

But, is it too much to ask someone to say thanks when I’ve gone out of my way to do something generous and thoughtful for them? Is it too much to expect just a short note or email or call? I only have a certain amount of time in my day and in my life and I have to make choices about who and what I focus on so all I’m saying is I think I’ll focus mostly on those who appreciate my efforts because if they don’t appreciate what I’ve done then, well, they won’t miss it anyway!

Well, that’s it for now; I don’t often “rant” but today I thought this was an important message to share. Happiness certainly comes to those who say thanks and to those who DON’T say thanks, well they’ll miss out on my happiness in the future and unfortunately, they’re probably also missing out on much happiness they, themselves, could be experiencing.