Happiness is living in the moment

Happiness is living in the moment

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A reader, Sarah, recently wrote in saying how excited she was about this new Babble column but also, asking the following question:

_ã–How do I clear a path through the daily drudgery of staying at home with a toddler so I can be _ã–in the moment_㝠and enjoy the precious _ãÄlittle_ã_ years before they fly away? I often find I have to jolt myself out of the grumpiness of having to pick up yet another toy/do yet more washing/say _ãÄno_ã_ for the 1000th time to see the sweetness in my little boy._ã

Well, I won_ã_t be able to answer every question you send in but I very much wanted to address this one because I know, based on questions I get asked by parents when I_ã_m speaking and coaching, as well as based on my own personal experiences, that this is a very common issue.

For those who_ã_re interested in reading more, I specifically address this issue in my new book (100 Ways to Happy Children: a guide for busy parents) but let me begin by noting that it_ã_s not always easy to get this right. It is, however, worth while doing the best you can so please read on and do what you can to apply the principles I outline below.

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